NBTE New Grading System


The management of Taraba State Polytechnic Suntai has concluded plans to implement the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE’s) new grading system for polytechnics known as Standardized Unified Grading System, effective from first semester 2019/2020 academic session.
The new grading system which is already operational in virtually all polytechnics across the country affects students who are currently in ND1 and Diploma 1, implying that ND2 and Diploma2 are not affected by this development.

Details of the Standardized Unified Grading System are as follows: 75% & above =A; 70%–74% =AB; 65%–69% =B; 60%–64% =BC; 55%–59% =C; 50%–54% =CD; 45%–49% =D; 40%–44% =E and below 40 =F.
And the Standardized Unified Classification of Diplomas is as follows; 3.50 & above =Distinction; 3.00–3.49 =Upper Credit; 2.50–2.99 =Lower Credit and 2.00–2.49 =Pass.


  1. admin

    Does it imply that new grading system is applicable to only ND 1 students?

  2. admin

    Yes. This means that present ND 1 and Diploma ! students will be graded with new grading system while ND 2 and Diploma 2 will be graded with old grading system.

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