Press Release

This is to inform the general public and critical stakeholders over the trending images on the social media on the attitude of Taraba State Polytechnic students during their recent signing out ceremony. Where some students exposed their undies and other sensitive parts of their bodies for other students to sign on. The Polytechnic Management had adequately trained them on morals, the few students involved in these terrible display of indecency have been identified and appropriate discipline had been administered. Those yet to be reached are on our search radar, as soon as we reach them, same fate awaits them. From the arrest made it was also discovered that some of the miscreants were withdrawn from the Polytechnic for various offenses while others belonged to other institutions. We appeal to all parents and guardians to be diligent in training of their wards and children as it is a known fact, a tree can only be bent when it is still small!!!Signed, Comrade Ignitius Jalleson.The Registrar,Taraba State Polytechnic Suntai.

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